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Healthy teeth at any age

Anti-ageing is far more than a mere trend. Anti-ageing means perfect dental aesthetics and preventive care for physical and mental resilience into old age. For your overall well-being throughout life, it is crucial to minimise internal and external interference fields.

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Based on sound scientific knowledge

Recent dental studies show that a multitude of age-related ailments are caused by problems in the mouth and jaw area. Comprehensive sanitation of oral and dental infections includes material testing, heavy metal detoxification, or targeted nutrition counselling for a better quality of life. Your health starts in your mouth!

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Your dentists in Brixen and Munich

Pain-free into old age – geriatric dentistry

In the age of implants, removable dentures should not be disregarded. After all, well-fitting protheses, with a soft base if required, provide excellent geriatric care. In addition, it is possible to insert small implants with minimal surgical effort and thus strengthen the hold of the denture.

When fabricating dentures, we pay special attention to making them easy to insert and remove. This makes caregivers’ work easier and promotes the independence of patients into old age. Elderly patients enjoy special care and understanding at our practice, and we take sufficient time for their treatment.

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Walk with us on the path to better health, balance, and vitality into your golden years.

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